Why we stay in the Minneapolis public schools


Minneapolis residents seem to know the dark side of the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) by heart. What you may not know so well is why so many of us deliberately choose public schools in Minneapolis as the best option for our children’s ...

City should consider alternative snowplow

Letter to the editor

The basic principle promoted by Jacques Rousseau in his 1762 treatise, "The Social Contract, Or Principles of Political Right," is that a legitimate government is one which meets the needs and wishes of its citizens. Would the denizens of the ...

Department of Corrections

In our October story, “Marcy welcomes new principal,” we mistakenly referred to principal Donna Andrews as Donna Adams. Our apologies.

Look at the big picture on arts funding

Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon with Sergeant Donna Olson criticizing foundations, like McKnight, for not funding graffiti abatement programs (“Tag, you’re it!” October), I would hope people would look at the big picture. It is not the ...

Dziedzic, not Vreeland, represents Southeast

It distressed me to see our neighborhoods’ own publication get the term “Southeast” wrong in the October issue.

In the article by Cyn Collins on the Park Board's planning process (“A plan for the parks,” October), there is a sustained ...

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