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A time to grow

Bridgeland community gardeners welcome the arrival of spring

In 1991, Bok Kang wanted a garden, so she dug out a plot on the lawn of the Cedar-Riverside public housing complex in which she lives. “The property manager complained and complained and finally gave up,” said Kwanja Kwan, who, 16 years later, ...

Crime and partnerships

University police work closely with Minneapolis police to fight crime, but citizens are the real key

The day following Mayor Rybak’s nomination of Tim Dolan as permanent Minneapolis Police Chief, Tim came to visit me on campus. He understands the increased crime problems of Southeast Minneapolis. Given the chance to restore MPD to adequate ...

Fresh walls and renewed community

Members of a Marcy condo association come together to spruce up their building—and solidify relationships

As eager buyers flock to purchase condos in the many projects going up in the riverfront neighborhoods, they are no doubt attracted by the marketers’ siren song of carefree living in a glamorous city setting.

But what they should remember is ...

From inspiration to action

The owners of this Seward ecohome have turned their ideals into an environmentally friendly reality

In these days of Inconvenient Truths, Jim Jacobson and Jane Garvin are role models for those of us who hope to turn inspiration into action. For the past few years, they’ve grown increasingly aware of alternative energy systems and have gradually ...

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Five Bridgeland homes on tour

BRIDGELAND—Five Bridgeland homes are among 52 on view during the Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour May 6–7. Three show off older homes lovingly kept up, while two are newly built.

Matt and Angie Toomey will have barely lived 10 weeks in the ...

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