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Midtown and Mill City farmers’ markets open for business and more

Special events complement veggies and vendors; weekday hours coming soon

To see a gallery of photos by Kathy De Foe from opening day at the Midtown Farmers’ Market, click here.

It’s not just for veggies anymore; two major farmers’ markets serving Bridgeland offer music, ...

Spilling Optional

Spill the Wine comes to Downtown East

As the last days of March went out like a lamb, Katie Milburn and her fiancé Karl Greeman were putting the final touches on their new restaurant and wine bar, Spill the Wine, in the 124-year-old Day Block building at 1101 Washington Ave. S.

The ...

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Veggies and more at your door

Seward Co-op hosts Community Supported Agriculture Fair on Saturday, April 21

If the term “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) doesn’t ring a bell with you, let us boil it down for you: in exchange for buying a share of the harvest of a local farm or vendor, you get produce delivered weekly to your door (or somewhere ...

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A virtuoso at the floating world

Renowned oboist Merilee Klemp crosses the river for Midori’s Japanese cuisine

NORTH LONGFELLOW—You may have heard the introduction, “Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely and talented ....” Well, now you have it again.

Merilee Klemp is a professor of music at Augsburg College and one of America’s outstanding oboists. ...

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Calypso Café

New kid on the East Lake restaurant block

NORTH LONGFELLOW—As you’re walking along the stretch of East Lake Street near 27th Avenue, where a string of restaurants is forming a new “eat street,” the flames of saganaki and vivid décor draw you to Calypso Café, a new Greek fusion ...

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