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Veggies and more at your door

Seward Co-op hosts Community Supported Agriculture Fair on Saturday, April 21

If the term “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) doesn’t ring a bell with you, let us boil it down for you: in exchange for buying a share of the harvest of a local farm or vendor, you get produce delivered weekly to your door (or somewhere ...

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Wrenching for Rwanda

Scallywags Bike Shop serves Seward and beyond

Since 2001, Scallywags Bike Club has been most visible for their “high-bikes” (one frame welded on top of another) and their biker aesthetic that incorporates their raison d’etre, put plainly on their website: “As you might have noticed, we ...

Stayin' Alive

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival opens April 19

UNIVERSITY—Despite reports of financial troubles and the possible sale of Oak Street Cinema, the 25th annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival will open at area theaters April 19–29.

Director Abderrahmane Sissako’s Bamako ...

Minneapolis school board votes 6-1 to close Tuttle Community School

By a 6-1 vote, the directors of the Minneapolis School Board voted to accept the recommendation by Minneapolis school district officials to close Tuttle Community School in the Como neighborhood. Officially, the vote was to close the middle school at Tuttle and merge the K-5 Tuttle program into Pratt Community School in Prospect Park. Director Chris Stewart was the lone vote against the recommendation to close Tuttle.

Tuttle supporters plead with school board members to keep their school open

The Patrick Henry High School auditorium was filled on Tuesday evening with people who turned out to voice their opinions on the Minneapolis Public School (MPS) district’s staff recommendations to close six schools for the 2007–08 school year, five on the city’s North Side (Jordan Park, Lincoln, North Star, Shingle Creek, and W. Harry Davis) and Tuttle in Southeast Minneapolis, where the middle school would be closed and K-5 students would be sent to Pratt Community School in Prospect Park).