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Bringing together the next generation of the Southeast Angle and Seward Profile neighborhood papers, The Bridge is a nonprofit newspaper serving both coverage areas with an expanded and improved paper. Our purpose is to inform The Bridge’s readers about the issues, people, and commerce in their neighborhoods, as well as build stronger community among residents, businesses, public officials, and organizations in our coverage area.

The Bridge’s coverage area includes ten Minneapolis neighborhoods along or near the Mississippi River from the just north of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge to just south of the Lake Street Bridge. These neighborhoods are well known for their highly-educated, home-owning and community-involved residents. The newspaper’s circulation of 25,000 is mailed directly to addresses in these neighborhoods and distributed at more than 200 locations where people walk, eat, meet, live or conduct business.

Your advertisement in the Bridge will give you the direct marketing benefit of reaching this attractive demographic, as well as the indirect benefit of strengthening the community in which you operate or do business.

Please consider us in your marketing and communications strategy. It’s a win-win opportunity.


Display Advertising
Bonita Kosciolek
Advertising Manager
(612) 436-9163

Classified Advertising
Becky Clawson
Operations Manager
(612) 436-9161

Production Assistance
Holle Brian
Production Manager

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Publication Calendar
Mechanical Requirements

The Bridge serves the Prospect Park/East River Road, Southeast Como, Marcy-Holmes, Nicollet Island/East Bank, University, Cedar-Riverside, Downtown East, Seward, North Longfellow and North Cooper neighborhoods.

Total distribution: 25,000 copies

16,000 mailed to homes and apartments

9,000 distributed in racks in businesses and other public facilities.

Insert Distribution Zones

You may target your message to specific neighborhoods by running an insert in The Bridge (see “Inserts” on page 3 for rates). You will receive the best value and visibility through distribution to homes and apartments, so the maximum number of inserts we recommend is 16,000.

Insert ZoneNeighborhoodQuantity
Z1Prospect Park2,000
Z3Marcy-Holmes/Nicollet Island(north of I-35W)4,000
Z5Partial Longfellow & Cooper(27th Street to 32nd Street)3,000

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Display Ad Rates
$24 per column inch
A “column inch” equals the number of columns wide times the height of the ad.

Discounts: 5 percent for three insertions, 10 percent for 6 insertions, and 15 percent for 12. Advertisers must sign a contract to get discount rates.

Production Charges: The charge for designing and producing ads is $50 per hour. There is a $20 minimum charge for ads requiring production (ads that are not camera-ready or provided electronically.)

Color: Plus 25 percent of the cost of the ad.

Special Placement: Plus 25 percent of the cost of the ad.

Commissions: All advertising rates are

Internet Ad Rates
$60 per month for 144 pixels wide x 190
pixels high; $120 per month for 144 pixels
wide x 390 pixels high; or $180 per month
for 144 pixels wide x 600 pixels high. Ads
are in full color.

Classified Ad Rates
$20 for the first three lines, $2 for each additional line ($20 minimum). There are 26 characters in a line, including spaces and punctuation. Classifieds must be prepaid.


Rate: $60 per thousand, 2,000 ($120) minimum. Specific zones can be targeted (see “Distribution”). You supply the inserts, and we’ll insert them. We can also help you with the design, production and printing of your inserts.


Subscriptions are available for $20 per year.

Terms of Payment

Credit Terms: Advertisers with credit approval will be billed monthly. Accounts must be paid within 15 days of invoice. We reserve the right to require advance payment at any time. A 1.5 percent per month service charge will be added to all accounts 60 days past due, 18 percent per year. There will be no new ads for accounts with an outstanding balance.

Political Advertising: Political advertising must be paid for in advance.

New Business: Any business that is less than one year old must prepay their advertising for three months before credit is established.

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The Bridge publication calendar 2006

IssueDelivery Date*Advertising Deadline
Januarydelivered December 29, 2006December 19
Februarydelivered January 26, 2007January 16
Marchdelivered February 23, 2007February 13
Aprildelivered March 30, 2007March 20
Maydelivered April 27, 2007April 17
Junedelivered May 25, 2007May 15
Julydelivered June 29, 2007June 19
Augustdelivered July 27, 2007July 17
Septemberdelivered August 31, 2007August 21
Octoberdelivered September 28, 2007September 18
Novemberdelivered October 26, 2007October 16
Decemberdelivered November 30, 2007November 20

* Currently about 16,000 papers are mailed bulk rate to homes in our distribution area which may not be received until up to 10 days after the delivery dates listed above. Papers are delivered to homes in the Prospect Park, U of M, Marcy Holmes, Nicollet Island-East Bank, and Como neighborhoods and to businesses in the entire coverage area within 3 days of the delivery date.

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Mechanical Requirements

5 column tabloid format

Full page size is 10 inches wide by 16 inches high

1 column: 2 inches wide 12 picas
2 columns: 4 inches wide 24 picas
3 columns: 6 inches wide 36 picas
4 columns: 8 inches wide 48 picas
5 columns 10 inches wide 60 picas

Electronic Submissions

We prefer electronic files of your ad.
We can only accept:

  • EPS files with all fonts converted to outlines.
  • High-resolution PDF files.
  • Quark XPress for Macintosh only, collected with fonts and graphics.
  • TIFF, JPEG or BMP files, at least 300 dpi.
  • Line screen: 85 +/– lpi.
  • Printed-out or “camera ready” ads must be scanable, and not include pictures or tints.

Files not conforming to these requirements can really cause production problems, and may be subject to surcharges.

Please contact us with any questions about preparing your ad; we’ll be happy to provide assistance.

Creative Support

If you don’t have a ready-made ad, don’t worry. Our professional design staff will create an effective ad for you at an affordable rate. We can also design camera-ready ads for other media and produce printed pieces for all your marketing needs.

Legal Notices

Approval of Copy: All advertising copy is subject to the approval of Triangle Park Creative and The Bridge. Triangle Park Creative reserves the right to reject ads it considers objectionable. Triangle Park Creative reserves the right to insert above or below any copy the word “advertisement.”

Liability: Triangle Park Creative and The Bridge will not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors which do not lessen the value of an advertisement. Liability for errors in advertising will not exceed the cost of the advertisement, and Triangle Park Creative will either reprint the correct advertisement or refund a portion of the cost of the ad.

Copyright: Triangle Park Creative reserves the right to copyright advertising it produces.

Property Rights: Design work produced by Triangle Park Creative remains the property of Triangle Park Creative, unless the advertiser purchases it based on current rates for labor and material.

Indemnification: The Advertiser agrees to and defend and indemnify Triangle Park Creative and The Bridge against any claim or liability arising from the publication of the ad.

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