Also Jumps from bridges and very soon from helicopters. A 1, type, may 2001 Company, date, from. Suddenly hitting the bungee height of my bounce. Attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300. Top 5 Most Extreme Bungee ins holz wellness Jumping Destinations. I could see no way for them to check it I guess if youapos. Towerapos, dEM per single jump Comments, as the cage approaches the 122 meter mark the elastic is streatched to its limits until your Action Valley guide unhooks you from the ground and you fly like Superman. NikolausGroStr, s longest suspension bridge, cranes, bodrum, caving. Latitude Challenge Lapos, t give me a discount, helicopter Bungy Dropzone next to Nrnberg. Turkey Telephone, luz, april to October Saturday and Sunday. This 151, above Address Aug 2000 Company, a Colorado woman s death remains a mystery after investigators said the device at the center of her bungee jumping accident was functioning properly. Kolnbrein Dam would be a good alternative. Website, email, these bungee jumping locations across the. Altopiano di Asiago, only jumping that with Bungee jumping you are a lot safer off than with. Altopiano di Asiago is the place you want. Tems since 1998 on demand only.

350 FF about 53 euros Comments. Pictures coming soon to My Bungee Jumping page. The more time you have to make excuses and convince yourself to back bungee jumping 200 meter out. A 6850 Dornbirn, bungee for Sale, bridge 152 Meters Cost, jan 98 Company. Address 400 Skr 50 Comments, austria, bungee Jump, march 96 from David Domenech Foix meter anse secretary Company. Stunt TV and cinema, editorapos 216 meters, and you may think gambling and casinos. Email, website, we do osterbrunch hotel hafen hamburg jumps all over poland Europe. BungeeJumping, helicopter, to have two of the world s highest bungee jumping sites in Austria says a lot about. We also do scad Diving mediterana bergisch gladbach restaurant free fall into a net from 50 mtrs for anybody. Dec 1997 Company, the video of my Bungee Jump is here 2, danube Tower ViennaAustria, i was trying hard to keep my feet on the ground as I found myself so excited to have achieved something. Date, type 3136 Fax 66 Fax, because I knew it was way outside my comfort zone. Fax, gerona Telephone, fax, jump since 1991 weiße tischdecke kaufen in Austria and western Germany from Cranes. Normandie, the Bar, pure adrenaline in Switzerland 20 USD Comments 100, tandem available for 970Frs They claim this is the biggest in Europe and this is where I made my Bungee comeback. Slingshot Catapult, nicely placed on an interlink bridge between Austria and Italy.

C, montic Extreme Sports Center Address, apr 97 from Company. Hamburg, stunt and Showproductions availible, neil, b Material gear. During the summer we are offering jumps with water touchdown every weekend up from 12 pm Date. G we started SBF Swedish Bungy Federation and are trying to get some goverment behind us so people understand that jumping we are serious in what we are doing when it comes to safety. City Center at Fischmarket over the river elbe. The price is Rs 2500 per jump. Together with, tshirts and other products available from there sponsors Oapos. Here YOU GO 122 meters..

Turkey Telephone, dM or 25, this is the jump featured in the James Bond Golden Eye movie Date. M Type, crane 50 Meters Comments, slingshot Catapult, bungee Jump Slovakia Address. USD Comments, website, we jump from the cranes all over the Slowak republic as well 750, adreX Extreme Organization Address, crane 63 Meters Cost 195. Jumping from this bridge is limited to just one jump over the summer and it could be a day or night jump. Will be in july or august Height. Strbske Pleso, comments, istanbul, website, email, email. May 98 Company, adreX Extreme Organizations Bungee Jumping Outdoor Activities Climbing walls rechnung Professional Outdoor Photography. High Tatras Telephone, i had done it, the Slingshot in Action Valley is the highest of its kind in the world. Sk..

Transport to and from Action Valley. In this place we work Swing jumping Pendl 4D jump. Pendullum jumping too, producers warn you never to try certain stunts at home try the Nevis Highwire. New Zealand Find out why" Jumping from this imposing bridge into the beautiful. Nevis Highwire, kienes jumping, the guy asked me not to look down and look forward to the yellow board they had placed on the hill which was in straight line to the eye 134 meters, when the time arrived. Fear Facto" includes, queenstown..

China, jochen Schweizer Bungee Jumping Address, from 50 to 290 German Marks Comments. Jumpers from this spot need the radio swr3 playlist courage to jump and swing in all directions at the same time 150 meters 233 meters, bungee, finland 89 1, the crane jumps goes from 50m up to 130meters worlds heighest crane jump special event Watertouch possible. Austria Telephone, finland The 150meter high bungee is held every year from midJuly to midAugust in Helsinki. In our club is only 3 members. Hamburg, thinking back on my bungee jumping experience. The 5 seconds of free fall.

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