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With Marcy-Holmes on crime alert, cops to move off the street and into the traffic unit

The Minneapolis Police Department has issued a crime alert for the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood following at least 16 recent burglaries and attempted burglaries in the area during the last week of April. Half were garage break-ins and the rest were of apartments and houses.

Shots fired during attempted robbery at Legends on E. Hennepin, suspect at large; crime alert issued for Marcy-Holmes

The Minneapolis Police Department is reporting that an off-duty Minneapolis police officer foiled a robbery attempt at Legends Cafe at 825 E. Hennepin Ave. on Monday, April 30, about 3:30 pm, firing shots at the two suspects. According to the news release issued by the police, the plain-clothes police officer was having lunch at Legends when he saw the two suspects exit the bathroom wearing ski masks with their guns drawn and pointed them at restaurant staff. He told them to drop their guns and when they refused, he fired. The suspects fled and one dropped his gun. One suspect was later apprehended when he called 911 from a different location for a gunshot wound. He is being treated at North Memorial Hospital. The other suspect is still at large.

Bridgeland homes featured on Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Tour

If you’re looking for something fun and free to do this weekend and enjoy seeing what other folks have done with their urban homes, check out the Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Tour, now in its twentieth year.

Latest statistics show that crime is up in most Bridgeland neighborhoods

The Minneapolis Police Deparment has released the crime numbers for March 2007, and for most of Bridgeland, the news is not good. With the rise in temperatures, we also seem to be experiencing a significant rise in the numbers of crimes committed in our neighborhoods, especially thefts and burglaries.

To drive the impossible drive: how to get around Southeast during road construction

Again today I face the prospect of driving between Marcy-Holmes and Prospect Park during rush hour. The challenge? To leave from Prospect Park at 4:45 pm and get to 7th Avenue SE in Marcy-Holmes by 5:15 pm so my son can get to his soccer practice on time.

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